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Dubai Film Festival upcoming December 5, 2012

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Finally, the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is about to start next week. This is definitely one of the cultural highlights of the year, with a broad selection if international films.


This time there are even some Austrian, Austro-Turkish and Austro-Bosnian films on the programme.

Looking forward to it!

art & culture events in Dubai: not much to say! November 18, 2012

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Time Out Dubai is a weekly magazine packed with recommendations for the latest spas, restaurants, places to shop, etc. The “eating out” section is about 30 pages.

And then, here comes the section on theatre:

not that I wanted to go to everyday, but……

The section on Museums is not much better though:

a horse museum and a camel museum. So that’s it!

Das Mühlviertel in Dubai September 18, 2012

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… und falls man einmal Heimweh bekommen sollte, so greift man einfach zur Burenwurst, Käsekreiner oder Berner Würstel, alles aus dem Mühlviertel.

Nothing new in the desert! September 11, 2012

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there is nothing really new in the desert here. It’s hot, it’s humid and it seems that this will not change for a while.

Interesting: yesterday in the newspaper a short article about Austrian president Fischer being “not amused” with H.C. Strache’s anti-Semitic comics on FB. Probably the only news about Austria since months/years?

Going Gold on Dubai Metro February 23, 2012

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Just found out today that on Dubai Metro you can either take the normal ride or you can get a gold class ticket:

No idea though what a gold class ticket entitles you to?

It’s all about shopping January 17, 2012

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In Dubai it’s all about shopping at the moment, as the Dubai Shopping festival is running for a whole month. It’s one of the most important events here and the logo is, guess what?, a shopping bag.

Apart from the regular offers in the shops even real estate companies participate in the event. Here is an interesting add that I saw the other day: if you buy an apartment you get a car for free:



social media in education May 15, 2011

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just came across this comic that we prepared during the iCamp project and still find it very good.

Chewing Gum Fine March 28, 2011

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A friend of mine was recently fined for chewing a chewing gum during a ride on Dubai’s metro. The fine was 100 AED, which is around 20 EURO.

According to her there are signs that indicate no eating and drinking allowed on any metro train. (I have not even noticed those signs myself yet although I have taken the metro various times). The sign does not explicitly mention chewing, but be aware now!

At least I will have to remember next time I would like to take a sip of water that this might cost me 100 AED!

What do you need in Burj Khalifa? January 11, 2011

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What would you say should be an essential part of any apartment and should be part of the standard furniture provided? A fully functioning kitchen, a washing machine maybe, …?

Well, guess what the default accessory in any of the apartments in Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world, is……..

….. a wine cooler:

That’s especially ironic when you think about the law regarding the purchase and consumption of alcohol in this country.

Things to do in Dubai for 1 Dirham /3 January 2, 2011

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Going out in Dubai can be really expensive. Especially when you don’t want to spend the whole night on soft drinks only. And special nights, like Christmas, New Years, etc. can become extremely expensive if you go to one of the many fancy places around town.

BUT, some things are still for free. E.g. watching the impressive Burj Khalifa fireworks on New Year’s Eve. It did not last very long, but it was stunning. Here is one of the best videos I found on Youtube that captured it quite well:

Burj Khalifa Fireworks